Santa Clara de Asis
2021 Development Campaign





‘The One forming light and creating darkness,  causing well-being and creating calamity;   I am the Lord who does all these.’    Isaiah 45:7

On November 15th,  2008, the freshly dedicated Phase One structure of Santa Clara de Asis was threatened by the ‘Freeway Complex Fire’,  which burned numerous homes within our Santa Ana Canyon area. The flames of the fire encroached and dozens of homes were consumed by the conflagration…but Santa Clara de Asis survived undamaged.


Earthquakes have rattled the ground beneath our feet, rousted us from sleep and made our Hall lights swing from side to side, but Santa Clara de Asis did not crack, collapse or crumble.


Through the years beloved parishioners have died, as have countless extended family and friends. Santa Clara de Asis has mourned, wept and consigned our beloved into God’s hands and tenderly carried on with our lives.


In 2020, along with the rest of the world, Santa Clara de Asis was threatened with the Covid 19 Pandemic. Amid our fears and uncertainties, Santa Clara sheltered in place, learned to wear masks, wash our hands more frequently and sanitize our spaces more scrupulously. While some of our beloved family and friends have died from Covid, the vast majority of our community is passing through this crisis unscathed.


Fires, earthquakes, deaths, disease and pandemics have come and Santa Clara de Asis has remained strong and present to our community. No matter the threat. Santa Clara has been stronger than the wildfires, stronger than the earthquakes, stronger than our personal tragedies.

Santa Clara de Asis is stronger than wildfires, earthquakes and Covid 19!

Santa Clara de Asis is here to STAY!


‘Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.     Isaiah 54:2 


In the final months of 2019, the Santa Clara Development Committee, working closely with our designers from the Kluger Architectural Firm, developed the final drafts of what our Permanent Church will look like, inside and out. For over 18 months, Fr. Fred, Mr. Frank Weber, Mr. Barry Murdock, Mr. Larry McCarty, Mr. Tad Dike, Mr. Steve Rice, Mr. Marc Jordan, Mr. Pat DeFriese, Mrs. Lisa Alonso and our assorted Seminarian Interns, have worked closely with Mr. Chuck Kluger and Mr. Giovanni (Gio) Salas of Kluger Architects to design a PERMANENT CHURCH that will be both a welcoming home for our community and a brilliant beacon of Roman Catholicism for all who transit the Santa Ana Canyon traffic corridor.


With excitement and respect, the drawings and accompanying explanatory descriptions were mailed, in January of 2020, to all 1200 of Santa Clara’s Registered Parishioners. In early February of last year, Fr. Fred made his annual appeal indicating that the Diocesan Pastoral Services Appeal would henceforth become the primary vehicle by which Santa Clara de Asis would gather the millions of dollars required to construct our dreams of our permanent home. In 2020, our Santa Clara Community pledged and redeemed $625,000.00 as a first OFFICIAL effort in generating our eventual construction monies.


$13-$14 million dollars is more than the vast majority of our parishioners have had to pay for our own homes and the number itself is intimidating and frightening. Questions have been raised, answers have been provided, the credentials of those on the Development Committee lent credibility and veracity to the process we have undertaken.  In the same way that the support and enthusiasm of the much smaller community back in 2005 was sought to raise the $5 million in funding for the construction of our existing Hall, Meeting Rooms and Offices, the Permanent Church project has been put forward as a DREAM,  awaiting our ‘financial’ determination. As was written in the 2020 Development Campaign material:

‘DREAMS pull us forward and allow us to bless the past from which they have prodded us.

DREAMS realized give us security in the moment and prompt our hopefulness for the future.

DREAMS are nothing less than sharing in the unending Genesis of creation.’

Our DREAMS were true and valid in 2020, they are still valid and true in 2021.

Santa Clara de Asis is stronger than our fears, stronger than a virus, stronger than anything which the future may bring our way.


Santa Clara de Asis has a DREAM to bring to life.

We will not be dissuaded, delayed or discouraged.



‘Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.’ 1 Timothy 6:17


When our Permanent Church development plans/drawings were presented to our full Parish Community in January of 2020, nobody had heard of Covid 19. Little did we know that in March of 2020, Santa Clara de Asis, together with most Churches (of every denomination) throughout the United States, would be shuttered and closed. The ‘abundance of caution’ enacted by most local governments, drained our Holy Water Fonts, moved us six-feet apart, closed our schools –  both public and parochial, warranted us to wear face masks to protect ourselves from infection and redirected our initial enthusiasm for CONSTRUCTING our NEW Permanent Church efforts to surviving the Pandemic.


Existing as we do as a Parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, we rely upon the Diocese for our ‘certification’, our enablement to exist as a ‘business’ and all the privilege afforded us as a Roman Catholic Church. While EMPOWERING, this reliance upon the Diocese of Orange also brings with it certain RESTRICTIONS…one of which is the requirement to ask PERMISSION to construct a permanent Church and the necessity to properly arrange/demonstrate to Diocesan authorities our capacity to PAY FOR WHAT WE WISH TO BUILD.


Last year’s presentation in February of 2020 spoke about our capacity for demonstrating our HUNGER, our DESIRE and our COMMITMENT for our Permanent Church. As shared last year…and still true today, it is vitally important that we demonstrate a commitment to generating the monies by which we will repay any potential loans.


In previous years, The Diocese of Orange would be the financial ‘backer’ for any loans an individual parish would embrace for their construction projects. Emerging as we still are from the Christ Cathedral purchase/renovation effort, the Diocese of Orange has found itself saddled with unexpected costs associated with  refurbishing and transforming Reverend Schuller’s OLD – Crystal Cathedral into the NEW – Diocese of Orange CHRIST CATHEDRAL. So serious are these financial issues that the Diocese of Orange is no longer able or willing to be the financial BACKER for individual parish loans. NOW, the Diocese requires each parish to have the FULL amount of necessary construction monies ON HAND and in the bank before being able to break ground for construction.


As said previously, $13-$14 million is a LOT  of money and the capacity for most parishes to generate that, in addition to paying for day-to-day ministerial programs, staffing and property maintenance is a challenge for even the most financially blessed communities. The $625,000 generated in last year’s pledge effort came from less than HALF of our Registered Parishioners. This year, the FIRST PART OF OUR GOAL is to coax, convince, entice and garner the financial support of the OTHER HALF of those who are REGISTERED participants here at Santa Clara de Asis.


The SECOND PART OF OUR GOAL is to continue to demonstrate our capacity, as a parish, to repay whatever loans we MIGHT be able to arrange, despite the initial reluctance of the Diocese to allow this pursuit. Last year, Fr. Fred had discussions with Farmers and Merchants Bank, at which time they indicated their willingness to extend whatever construction loans we might require…all based on our ALREADY DEMONSTRATED capacity to motivate our community to fund our dreams.  Thus, while the Diocese has their OFFICIAL policy of requiring us to have ALL our construction funds in the bank prior to any construction permissions being granted, we are HOPEFUL that our growing/increasing fund raising ability will adequately assuage the Diocese’s financial concern and open ‘a crack in the door’, that has been slammed shut against us pursuing any loans. Hence, even in the midst of Covid, it is vitally important that we not only continue to DONATE GENEROUSLY to our Building Fund (which is the Pastoral Services Appeal) but that we find ways to motivate the 50% of our Registered Parishioners who have chosen to not yet participate in becoming active Permanent Church contributors.

‘For I know the plans I have for you … plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’  Jeremiah 29:11

The year 2020 was HIGHLY instructional to us as our Finance Committee members have wrestled with whether our Santa Clara parishioners would have the financial wherewithal to honor their PSA pledges made in January/February throughout the pandemic. To our relief, and with our deep gratitude, most of the pledges have been fulfilled.


In mid-March, with an increasing number of people contracting the virus, we were prohibited from celebrating ANY Masses (inside or outside), thus Holy Week came and was UN-celebrated, Easter arrived and nary a hymn was lifted to honor the resurrection. Mother’s Day in May was honored with roses given out by Fr. Fred and Mrs. Jeanette Lambert (the Principal of  St. Francis of Assisi School) to the moms and their families who drove through our parking lot, staying in their cars, but coming to be RECOGNIZED as being IMPORTANT. The graduation Mass/ceremony of the eighth-grade class from St. Francis School was celebrated, LATE, but was celebrated at an outdoor Mass on the school lawn, with NO GUESTS being able to attend. As Summer arrived, Churches were  finally allowed to celebrate Masses once again, although with spatial distancing and masks being required. As the virus spread, Masses were allowed….but only OUTDOORS…hence our FIRST red striped canopy was a beacon for travelers up and down La Palma. In November, we went through a Covid whiplash as we were allowed BACK INSIDE our Hall…and only three weeks later, required to move back outdoors, this time to our much larger, white canopy. 


Aside from all the physical exertions each of these transformations required, we also realized that our experiences of Covid is a WARNING. It has now happened, globally and to us locally here in Yorba Linda. While it is tempting to think that this is a ‘once in a thousand years’ pandemic… if we have learned anything from 2020 it is that all we have experienced CAN POTENTIALLY HAPPEN AGAIN.  It is always better to be as prepared as possible for the unthinkable.


With this in mind, our Development Team reviewed the initial drawings and renditions that had been sent to you last year and have determined that the following ISSUES should be adjusted, based on what we have learned from this 2020 pandemic:


Our initial plans had been to have traditional wooden pews, seating approximately 900 people.


Our PANDEMIC-REVISION is that we will have 900 wooden chairs with padded seats that can be locked in place or individually relocated for spatial distancing or special events.


TRADITIONAL PEWS are relatively close to one another, anyone who remembers trying to shimmy their way past seated guests, knows how discomforting and difficult these passages become.


Our PANDEMIC-REVISION is to allow upwards of four feet between the back of each chair and the chair in front of it, thus allowing a PERSON TO WALK FORTHRIGHTLY BETWEEN THE FILLED SEATS WITHOUT HAVING TO TURN SIDEWAYS.


Our initial plans DID NOT HAVE ANY WINDOWS THAT COULD OPEN in the entire structure.


Our PANDEMIC-REVISION is to have MANY openable windows, including openable windows in the large glass Sanctuary window behind the altar. This will ensure ample fresh air and ample air movement throughout the entire structure.


The drawings presented to you last year showed you a Church with 17,215 square feet of interior space.


In order to maintain our seating capacity, we have expanded the Church’s size to now be 22,744 square feet of interior space, with seating capacity still at 900 people.

‘Each one must give as he (she) has decided in their heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.’ Second Corinthians 9:7


As mentioned earlier, our IMMEDIATE task is to PROVE to the Diocese that we have a CONTINUING DRIVE to construct our permanent Church. The manner in which we PROVE this, is by continuing to raise money to pay for what we will eventually construct. Knowing that the Diocese is balancing their own budgets while still managing some wayward construction loans from other parishes and diocesan schools, we have the unenviable task of, even in the midst of a pandemic, of raising LARGE SUMS of money that demonstrably grow our Santa Clara Building Fund. We need to demonstrate our capacity, in good times and in bad, to repay whatever money we might potentially be loaned for our construction. Our Permanent Church Fund Raising is NOT a competition with other parishes, but, putting it bluntly, we need to demonstrate that we are NOT LIKE SOME PARISHES that still have large unpaid loans. We need to clearly show that, based on whatever payment plan Farmers and Merchants Bank may deign to grant us, we have the zeal and monetary enthusiasm to honor their BELIEF IN US by reliably repaying whatever they may loan us.


Obviously, seeking construction donations in the midst of a pandemic may seem a fool’s errand and YES, it is challenging. Our 2021 Development Campaign effort is based upon the reliable and continuing generosity that was demonstrated during 2020 when our redeemed pledges totaled over $625,000.00! (And this was pledged and redeemed by less than half of our ‘supposedly’ Registered 1200 parishioners!) 2020 was a HORRIBLE year for many people, nonetheless, our community made and redeemed substantial pledges, all of which has been added to our banked Building Funds.


Let us also be clear that the well-being and financial security of you and your family must necessarily come FIRST.  If you have experienced unemployment, potential loss of your home, are coping with prolonged illness or ailments that are draining your financial resources, ALL WE ASK FROM YOU IS YOUR PRAYER FOR OUR SUCCESS. Please, DO NOT contribute to our Development Effort if you or your family are in dire straits or threatened with ruin.  I remind you that our St. Vincent de Paul Society is always available to help our parishioners with food, potential lodging or sometimes bill payments…you do not need to face these frightening times alone.  You may contact our St. Vincent de Paul Chapter by calling 714-970-7885 X222.


For those of you who PLEDGED and REDEEMED your pledges during 2020, our hope is that you will AGAIN be able to pledge the same amount and again redeem it throughout 2021. If your circumstances have changed and you are able to make a larger donation, we will gladly accept it and you may, in years to come, happily take note of the special details woven within our Permanent Church structure with the knowledge that you HELPED to make them possible.


For those of you receiving this REQUEST who have never pledged before, might we be able to entice you to participate THIS YEAR? Without embarrassing anyone, might we find out WHY you haven’t participated yet?  What has deterred you from donating to our Development Campaign to construct our Permanent Church?  Please make contact with Fr. Fred at or via USPS at Santa Clara de Asis, 22005 Avenida de la Paz, Yorba Linda, CA 92887 and let us know what we might do better so as to gain your support and trust.


Throughout 2020 and now into 2021, our Santa Clara Community has POSITIVELY responded to all the mandated emergency procedures promoted by the Centers for Disease Control and our State authorities. Our weekly Pastoral Letters have endeavored to keep those isolating at home, connected to our larger community and have affirmed that OUT OF SIGHT…..DOES NOT MEAN out of our hearts!!!


Contained within this brochure is a Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) envelope by which you may make your 2021 PSA Pledge. You are of course free to make a single immediate payment or to fulfill your pledge spaced out over the coming months, to be redeemed in full by December 31, 2021.  Please be aware, as we have for the last 8 years, our PSA Assessment of $89,000 will be deducted from our redeemed payments. This is our fair and suitable financial participation with important Diocesan functions that benefit every parish within the Diocese. BUT…all the monies generated ABOVE AND BEYOND our $89,000.00 assessment is returned to us for our Permanent Church Development efforts. Thus, the PSA is OUR BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION CAMPAIGN…the Diocese pays for all the accounting and record keeping, we benefit from the excess monies coming back into our Banking Account!

‘Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans.’ Proverbs 16:3


Santa Clara WILL CONSTRUCT OUR PERMANENT CHURCH, that is not in question! The speed with which we will be granted permission to raise our walls is determined by YOU, the people who fill our seats, lift your voices in prayer, educate your children in the ways of Jesus Christ and humble yourselves so as to receive God’s grace and blessings. YOU are the FOUNDATION upon which our Permanent Church will rise, the flesh, blood and bone of YOU who bring Santa Clara to life. Throughout this Pandemic we have insisted that ALL our parishioners wear masks, honor our spatial distancing and have curtailed many activities that might expose you to infection. All of this has been enacted to KEEP YOU SAFE… KEEP YOU HEALTHY… KEEP YOU ALIVE!


Our endeavors to fund the construction of our Permanent Church are based on these same principles: TO KEEP YOU SAFE…KEEP YOU HEALTHY…KEEP YOU ALIVE…in CHRIST!


Santa Clara de Asis has a DREAM to bring to life.

We will not be dissuaded, delayed or discouraged.