Santa Clara de Asis
2020 Development Campaign



Brick by brick…

Prayer by prayer…

We WILL build our Church!



One might be tempted to narrowly think Santa Clara’s DREAM of a PERMANENT CHURCH began in the minds of the 2018, 2019, 2020 Parish Development Committee.
OR, was the DREAM brought to life by Fr. Michael Hanifin as he blessed and guided the first footsteps of the new-born parish of Santa Clara de Asis in 2001?
OR were there hints of the DREAM present in 1976 when the Diocese of Orange was carved from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, with the intention of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ even among the yet-undeveloped areas of the Santa Ana Canyon?
OR did Jacob Stern ever stir in his sleep with an unusual DREAM of a beautiful Church that would one day grace the land he had obtained in 1907 from the Bernardo Yorba Land Grant?
OR did Padre Junipero Sera ever DREAM of what he was setting in motion when he planted the Roman Catholic presence amid the coastline of what would become Orange County, California, when he established Mission San Juan Capistrano in 1776.
OR did the indigenous Juaneno tribe ever gaze up into the billions of stars that speckled their night skies and DREAM that the land they trod would one day be consecrated to a God of whom they did not yet know as Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
Inheritors of a DREAM whose fullest inception is known but to God, our sacred task in 2020 is to awaken and add our energies, our strength, our commitment and our treasure to the task of transforming the DREAM of past generations into the REALITY of TODAY.
‘Then it will be, that if you listen to all that I command you and walk in my ways and do what is right in my sight by observing my statutes and my commandments, as my servant David did, then I will be with you and build you an enduring house as I built for David…’
1 Kings 11:38