Thank you for serving SCDA parishioners as an usher. Your role as usher is very important in the Catholic Church.
 ***We currently need 2 ushers for the 12pm Mass***
  • You function in the role of hospitality making people feel welcome and wanted. Please greet people with a smile as they arrive for Mass.
  • You assist parishioners finding a seat. This is an act of hospitality.
  • Before Mass, find a family who is willing to present the gifts at the Presentation of the Gifts.
  • At the Presentation of the Gifts, you will pass the baskets for the collection. When completed, empty the small       baskets into the large basket.  The selected family will bring the hosts, wine and basket to the altar. The priest       will be standing in front of the altar to receive the gifts.
  • You assist people in finding the correct communion line.
  • Deposit offering in a sealed envelop in the drop safe
  • You will hand out bulletins to the parishioners as they are leaving Mass.
  • Your smile and positive attitude will show people you are happy to see them and want them back again. 
Thank you for your help,
Rich Michal

Our current schedule is as follows:
5:00 Saturday  Bill & Donna Wojiak, & Norm Richard
8:00  Sunday   Mark Mowen, Rich Riegal, Bob Marron, John Murphy, Ben
10:00 Sunday  Rich Michal, Louis Tejada, Larry McCarty, Gonzalo Perez
12:00 Sunday  Jeff Spinazze, 1st Sunday of the Month