Tithing may be completed through parish envelopes or online giving.
You can obtain envelopes by registering for our parish.

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When you are away from your home for vacation or holidays, do you not have to pay property tax for the days you are absent?

When you are away overnight for a Boy or Girl Scout outing with your kids do you get a rebate on your insurance for the time away?

When you do not use your landline phone or cable for many days,
do you not have to pay for those days?

The answer of course to each of these questions is obviously NO. Even when we are away from our homes we are still responsible for maintaining them, protecting them and honoring all the bills that come with the honor of having a home. In the same way, Santa Clara de Asis has the same costs for insurance, salaries, taxes (yes, we do pay taxes, just not on donation$) electricity, gas, water, etc. When you are away for the holidays or on assorted weekends of the year, an easy method by which to insure that your Financial Stewardship of Santa Clara continues uninterrupted is through the use of Electronic Automated Giving, called WeShare Online Giving. The following question & answer sheet provides information for any concerns you may have as well as the ways to enroll in Online Giving. In doing so, no matter where your weekends or holidays take you, you can comfortably know that you are responsibly taking care of your HOME, Santa Clara de Asis. Thanks for considering enrollment.


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OnLine Giving FAQs:


What is an Automated Giving Program? 

An automated giving program is a means to financially support through monthly contributions directly from your checking, savings, or credit card account.There is NO cost to participate in the program.
How does it relate to the use of weekly envelopes?  
Participating in the Automated Online Giving Program replaces the use of weekly envelopes.

What happens if I feel uncomfortable not having something to physically drop into the collection basket  

Special donation slips are available to be dropped into the collection basket, should you wish.


How do I enroll?  Enrollment is easy and free. There are two ways you can enroll:
     • Online at https://scdayl.churchgiving.com/
     • By phone at (800) 950-9952

Can I contribute to second collections including both parish and diocesan collections?  

Yes, all automated giving participants have the opportunity to contribute to second and special collections including Christmas, Easter, Peter’s Pence, and more.


How do I change information such as the amount of donation, bank account number or mailing address?  You can provide these changes directly by visiting the website  at  https://scdayl.churchgiving.com/ 


Which payment methods are accepted?  

Automated transfers from credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), checking accounts, and savings accounts are accepted.


Will I get a receipt for tax purposes?  P

articipants may print an annual receipt from the web site every January.


Can I donate a one-time gift or pledge for a specific term?  

Yes, one-time gifts are graciously accepted. Participants can also arrange for specific amounts to be paid over a number of months.