Santa Clara de Asis Catholic Church

2017 Pastoral Services Appeal


 ‘Handing on the Future’

‘Take care and be earnestly on your guard not to forget the things which your
own eyes have seen, nor let them slip from your memory as long as you live,
but teach them to your children and your children’s children.’
Deuteronomy 4:9
Long before our lungs filled with air or our hands grasped at a puppy’s nose, our mother’s voice resonated within her womb as she began handing on to us her whispered prayers, spoken words and sung lyrics of hope, dreams, joys and fears.
Long before we nursed at our mother’s breast or smiled at others’ gentle caresses, our minds were receiving their promise of life and love. No blank canvas at birth, those who loved us built upon what had been given in the womb, handing on to us the precious knowledge of how to hold a bottle, then a spoon and finally a popsicle needing proper licking, with forks and knives to come when safety was assured.
From first steps and stumbles to leaping and climbing, those who loved us handed on to us the joys of a swing, the slippery slope of a slide and the gleeful magic of holding onto the merry-go-round pony. Bedtime stories became cookies & milk conversations, which evolved into classroom lessons as our minds were filled with wisdom, nuance, laughter and sadness as each remembered tidbit was handed on to us.
Ever increasing birthday candles were extinguished, Christmas trees were decorated, Valentines were shyly exchanged, colored eggs were hidden, pumpkins were carved, the rituals that comprise a year were handed on for us to enjoy and claim.
Hands were folded in prayer as crucifixes were kissed and crosses in the air were traced over our face, shoulders and torso. Handed on to us, like seeds awaiting the warmth of the sun, the names Father, Son and Holy Spirit were planted within our imaginations.
Throughout our lives, those who have gone before us have endeavored to HAND ON TO US the hard learned wisdom gained from living their lives. Woven within casual stories, shared within laughter and tragic tears, taught with demanding voices and offered with sincere hope for a better future, those who in one manner or another have loved us enough to impart what they themselves know, the foundational building blocks on which we will build the future have been entrusted to our care.
Whatever world awaits US in five, ten or twenty years is being built on what we have been doing with all that has been handed on to us from yesterday. Have we learned from past mistakes? Have our angers softened? Have we learned better ways of doing things? Do we seek understanding rather than rage? Has rancor been supplanted by compassion?
The world in which our children and children’s children will live will be built upon what we endeavor to hand on to them. Even as they determine their life pursuits, will they remember having seen the face of Christ in ours when we fed them their first food? When we brushed away their tears and mended skinned knees, will they remember feeling the healing touch of Jesus? Will they remember hearing the echo of the Good Shepherd when we read the Nativity story to them on Christmas Eve? Will they see within their own struggles and pain the same cross of Good Friday, which we ourselves often embraced, on their behalf?
Living not just for ourselves but for our children who will inherit the dowry we create, how vibrant are the rituals we live, how earnest are the bedtime blessings we bestow, how genuine is the faith we profess, how real are the conversations with Jesus they hear us having, how ALIVE is the Jesus we are HANDING ON TO THEM?
In HANDING ON THE FUTURE to our sons and daughters, who will like wise hand it on to their children and they to the generations that follow, we have a sacred trust to share our stories of Jesus with the same intensity of intimacy and love as our children have been introduced to the stories of their own flesh and blood, extended family of cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles. Here at Santa Clara de Asis at every Mass - with every change in Sanctuary décor - with each homily - with each gathering of Faith Formation groups or Youth Ministry events - as RCIA candidates and catechumens are received into our Catholic Faith - as the Knights of Columbus host breakfasts, blood drives and events - as our Sister Parish ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary’ is served via Heart and Soul - as St. Vincent de Paul responds to calls for help…our children watch, listen and learn…we are ‘HANDING ON THE FUTURE’ to them!



Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) Questions and Answers

The PSA provides funding for the annual budgets of vital ministries and services that serve all 62 parishes and centers as well as thousands in the local community. These funds are used on an annual basis to cover annual operating and program expenses of our ministries (see the PSA brochure for a description of all ministries funded through the PSA or go to



I thought Catholic education was included in the PSA campaign goals; why does PSA also support Catholic education?

The PSA supports annual tuition assistance grants to Catholic elementary schools in our diocese. For example, the funds raised for the 2013 PSA were granted to schools for the 2013-2014 school year. The funds raised through the capital campaign are invested in an endowment which is a permanent fund that will provide annual income to the schools to supplement the PSA funding and other resources.


Will I receive separate reminders for the capital campaign and the PSA?

Yes, the capital campaign reminders will be sent in an envelope with the For Christ Forever capital campaign logo on the communication at the beginning of every month for the requested payment schedule through 2017 or until the gift is fully paid. The PSA reminders will be sent in an envelope with the Proud to be Catholic - Sent to Serve PSA logo on the communication in the middle of every month for the payment schedule you request.


When will I receive a tax acknowledgement for my gift to the capital campaign and the PSA?

You will receive a separate tax acknowledgement letter for the capital campaign each year in January following that year of payments. The PSA tax acknowledgement letters will be sent in January following that year's PSA campaign.

How much should I give to the PSA?

You are asked to prayerfully discern the amount of your PSA gift. We understand this will require an extra sacrifice this year with the capital campaign being introduced in 2013. Your sacrificial gift in any amount will be acknowledged as your commitment to our faith and your response to God's many blessings.


Who do I call if I have questions regarding my capital campaign or PSA pledge?
Call the Orange Catholic Foundation at (714) 282-3048 or